Using The Tarot

Tarot cards have a mysterious origin and have been used as a divination tool for centuries. Images of the psychic card reader with her deck of cards, crystal ball, scarf-wrapped and back-lit by candles, provokes everything from intrigue, to fear, to outright doubt. But the idea that someone might have access to the unknown is provocative none-the-less.

That provocative mystery can be an entrance to personal meditation. Doubt, fear, and intrigue are openings for inquiry and each of us moves into inquiry on our own. Although it can be helpful to have a guide, facing the unknown in ourselves, and life in general, leads to insight and awareness.

Here, at Tarot Zodiac, we can drop the theatre of mystery and engage directly with mystery itself. Throw a card. Just like life, you never know what will be next. Still, you may want to light a candle.